What Licences Should a Waste Disposal Company Have

When considering which company to contract for all your waste disposal needs, one of the requirements is that they should have all the licenses required for them to legally provide these services to the you and the public.

Here are some licenses a waste disposal company should have;

Anyone who wants to be a waste carrier needs to be registered with the Environment Agency. A waste company is a company whose aim is to transport others waste as part of their business or to make money out of waste disposal. Anyone who wants to transport building or refurbishment rubbish must be registered as a waste carrier.

This is a requirement regardless of where the waste is taken; whether it’s moving it from one area to another or from your home or to another person’s premises; licensed waste carriers are the only people mandated to do this.

The process to register to be a waste carrier is inexpensive and it is not a lengthy process. One would need to fill an application form which can also be downloaded from the EA website. Once you are registered, you are given a waste carrier license and a license number. These details are entered into a central database and your license is up for renewal every three years at an additional cost.

If a company isn’t registered to dispose of waste, it is illegal for them to transport and dispose of waste. They can be fined and the vehicle they use to transport waste can be seized.


If you are hiring contractors like builders, landscape gardeners or house clearance companies, ask them for their waste carrier license number. This can be counter checked at the Authorised Waste carrier’s website or by calling their office number. If they aren’t registered, it is advisable not to use them since the waste will end up on the side of the road and fly tipping costs tax payers like yourself millions just to clear it up.


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