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Are you a dentist in London? If you are, then you must be well aware that you aren’t alone in the field, that the competition is anything but easy. More private dental clinics are popping up each day, each better equipped and offering even more advanced services. As a private practitioner, yours is to help patients with dental problems, and also make a living while at it. It’s a business like any other at the end of the day! Thus it is very important that much as you work on building a good reputation, you also ensure that you’re marketing yourself properly. Forget the old school advertizing of your business via print, TV, Radio, and such. Digital Marketing is the new kid on the block.

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The top 10 most profitable businesses or brands in London all have one thing in common; they have a robust online presence! Digital marketing is all about positioning, enhancing your online presence.

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  • Here at ClickDo Consulting, we are one of the most reliable digital marketing companies, having helped numerous businesses across London and the larger UK. When patients or interested people do an online search looking for “Best dentists in London”, search engines display businesses around the City.
  • Our SEO service are meant to inject the right words in a subtle and natural way around all your pages; Home pages, About Us, Our Services, and so on so forth. What specific services do you offer, how much do you charge, why do you think London residents ought to try out your dental services? Such questions help us generate the right content for your pages.
  • We’ll also go ahead and link the pages to your social media pages, blogs, and even backlinks so as to spread the news as widely as possible. Remember, major search engines like Google are not just looking for stuffed keywords; informative, interesting content is the yardstick nowadays.
  • Don’t worry that you have started small, that you are competing with larger London dental clinics that are better equipped; just establish a robust online presence. Engage with the people directly online, answer their queries. Your typical Londoner doesn’t care much about what you are charging, as to whether you are trustworthy and really reliable. ClickDo’s SEO services will include updating and managing your social media pages. We’ll come up with informative blogs that readers quickly click to open, before cleverly directing them to your services.
  • Don’t settle for average; embrace ClickDo’s affordable and timely SEO services. We always give you a guarantee that each time you come on board and try our services; you’re bound to witness positive results within 14 days! We’ll walk with your London dental clinic each step of the way, we’ll gladly help you thrive and excel in a field that’s increasingly taking its battle for customers online.


For more details, kindly Contact us and we’ll be glad to share with you references of business we have helped succeed across London. ClickDo is your professional, affordable partner in all your online marketing endeavors.

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